Online resources are great but there’s nothing like getting experience and knowledge about a neighborhood by actually being in it. We know many areas firsthand by living or doing business there. If we don’t know a specific neighborhood, we know how to access the resources to get the information needed, and we’re not afraid to go get it. It’s what we do. It’s the value we bring. Our extensive background in analyzing and understanding the market dynamics (along with building, remodeling, and otherwise improving properties) can help guide our clients in making the right “buy” or “fly” decisions when seeking a home.


Proper preparation is the key to maximizing value when a client is selling their home. It’s important to know buyer (and their agent’s) expectations. Yes, I mean buyer. There’s little point in bringing a home to market that no one wants. We work hard and smart to provide the proper guidance to sellers to obtain the results they want. Knowing how and why market expectations change, and adapting tactics and strategies to those changes helps benefit our seller clients greatly. The ability to correctly prepare a home for market and providing a seller appropriate legal protections is paramount to overall success. We’ve developed a proven methodology and set of “seller packages” that continues to change the landscape in local real estate sales. When there is work to be done, we don’t just refer you to a list of service providers. In most cases, we do it for you. We handle it. It’s who we are.

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