SAN JOSE, CA, AUGUST 22 – After nearly two decades navigating complex real estate transactions for clients and helping manage a large office, Paul B. Newman recently launched his own company: Readi-Home. “As fortunate as I have been to work with some great people at good companies, I’ve always felt there was something missing from the traditional model in the real estate business: total focus on the needs of the client.” Paul feels the agent or broker’s needs come first in the traditional model. Agent training, transaction methodologies, and even the flow of paperwork is focused towards the agent or real estate company. “It’s time the most important person in the transaction comes first: the client.”

Paul believes that no two homes are alike, and neither are the needs or wants of buyers and sellers of real estate. Every home, person, and circumstance is unique and therefore requires a customized approach, all while addressing ever changing challenges and obstacles. “Cast in stone methods don’t allow for the flexibility required by the client. Our goal is to analyze and understand hyperlocal market dynamics and formulate the right plan to accomplish the desired goal. Tactics have to be adjusted along the way to meet the objective. At Readi-Home, we have the experience to take the lead and get it done right.

For more information about Readi-Home or to talk about your real estate needs, contact Paul at 408-888-1452 or