Real Estate

We provide residential real estate transactional services, utilizing a breadth of resources to ensure our clients have the benefit of up-to-date market trends. It may be interesting to know what's going on in the rest of the country, or in all of California. But our hyperlocal focus and awareness of Silicon Valley ensures our recommendations are current, concise, and relates to the very community in which our clients are interested. We embrace the online information and services available, but understand that walking through the front door is what really gets it done.

Property Management

It's not our asset but we're the ones that help maximize the return. We look at short and long-term goals and provide different solutions for varied properties and circumstances. We execute the correct and ever-changing disclosures and other documents and employ strategies and tactics to reduce tenant turnover. We reduce liability and hassle, all while getting the most out of the property. Property management is about doing the very best for those who have invested heavily in local real estate. It takes vision, knowledge and execution. We've got it.

Home Improvement

Many real estate transactions involve repairs or other improvements. We manage the process to ensure all aspects match the intended goal. Material selection and sourcing are key to staying on budget. We know where to go, who to call, and how much it should cost. It usually doesn't make sense to throw a ton of money at a property that's going up for sale. But we know what's needed to get the best return in the shortest time. And for those who have just purchased property, we can help them through the process of turning their house into a home. We've done it.